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Load image into Gallery viewer, OPINEL Paring Knife #10
Load image into Gallery viewer, OPINEL Paring Knife #10

OPINEL Paring Knife #10

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Gardening knives for gardening and pruning provided by Opinel


Material: Blade/Stainless Steel, Handle/Beech

Country of Origin: France

◆ Product description

A stainless steel pruning knife that is rust resistant and easy to maintain, even for beginners.

The handle has a curved design that fits comfortably in your hand.

The blade is large with a length of about 10 cm, and the tip of the blade is curved like a sickle, making it easy to cut flowers with thick stems. It can be used in a variety of gardening situations, such as mowing, pruning, grafting, flower arranging, and fruit harvesting.

Straps can be attached to the lanyard hole on the handle.

This is Takeda from Fish Hook!

Fish Hook is an official OPINEL store, and they provided us with a very rare gardening knife. The number is limited, but I think it's a series that Opinel fans don't see very often! It's time to make it easier to spend outside. How about taking care of your garden with stylish tools ^^?

<Notes on products>

・This knife is not completely sharpened at the time of manufacturing, and there may be dents on the blade. In order to bring out the original sharpness, please use it after sharpening the blade yourself immediately after purchase.

・When the handle part absorbs moisture, it expands, making it difficult to insert and remove the blade. Try not to get it wet as much as possible, or if it does get wet, dry it thoroughly and store it in a dry place.

・This product is a knife, so please handle with care so as not to hurt your hands and fingers.

・The handle part is made of natural wood, so there are some individual differences in color and wood grain. Thank you for your understanding.

・This product will be delivered without a paper package. Thank you for your understanding.

* It is prohibited by law to carry this product without justifiable reason.

* Those under the age of 18 cannot purchase.