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Fish Hook Co., Ltd.

Operation manager name

Representative Director and CEO Ryoji Takeda

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1-8-12-5 Magimoto, Minami Ward, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture

Explanation of charges other than the product price

・Product delivery fee is 350 yen.

Regarding the delivery of the rod (fishing rod), we will charge 2000 yen separately for packing such as cushioning materials from the viewpoint of delivery trouble prevention. *The rod warranty is blank. The invoice attached together will serve as proof of purchase history at our store, so please keep the invoice together with the warranty.

·consumption tax

・Fees related to payment methods (transfer fees, etc.)

・Additional fees may apply.

Regarding delivery note: In principle, we do not issue delivery notes from the viewpoint of environmental protection and personal information protection.

sales volume

The number of stocks listed on the product detail page will be the sales quantity.

Delivery time

It will be the date specified by the customer within 2-7 days from the order. If you do not specify, we will ship within 7 days.

payment method

We accept the following payment methods.

・Credit card payment ( VISA MASTER AMEX JCB)


・Apple Pay

・Google Pay

・Amazon Pay




Regarding receipts: In principle, we do not issue receipts. If you have used various payment services, please contact the payment service customer center for confirmation. Also, when you place an order, you will receive a confirmation email, so please use it as evidence.

About returns and exchanges: We take all possible measures to ensure the quality of our products, such as inspections at the time of delivery and shipment, but in the unlikely event that the product is damaged, defective, or different from the order, please contact us within 7 days after delivery. Please contact. For inquiries about returns and exchanges, please contact us from "Contact Us" in the online store. After confirming the contents, we will inform you about the return or exchange. (In the case of returns or exchanges, we will bear the shipping costs.)

If you wish to return the product for any reason, we will accept the return within 7 days. However, please note that we cannot accept requests in the following cases.

■ When we cannot accept returns or exchanges

1. Products that have been delivered for more than 7 days

2. Products that have been opened or used once after delivery

3. Goods damaged or defaced by the customer

4. When the product box, instruction manual, etc. is defaced, damaged, or lost

5. Products that have been painted or processed after delivery

Please note that we will not be able to discuss returns, exchanges, refunds, etc. after 7 days have passed since delivery.

About damage during delivery : If the product is damaged during delivery, please contact us from "Contact Us" in the online store. After confirming the contents, we will cooperate with the shipping company to handle it. After confirming the facts, if there is stock, we will exchange it, and if there is no stock, we will bear the refund.

Trade name or service name

Fish Hook Fishing & Outdoor Gear

telephone number


public email address

homepage address

Antique dealer license number

Saitama Prefecture Public Safety Commission License No. 431010060060 Fish Hook Co., Ltd.