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Here are the people who have supported the fishing tackle shop "Fish Hook" since its inception. (in no particular order)

①Asaka Garden

This is a management fishing spot that the CEO of Fish Hook has been indebted to since before its founding.

It is called "Tokyo University of pipe fishing", but if you grasp the seasonal pattern, it is not a dream to catch it in 3 hours! When I consulted with President Kimura when starting a business, I decided with a single word, "It's okay! Let's do our best!" A great management fishing spot and president who made me crazy about trout.

Management fishing spot dot com

During the founding period of Fish Hook, I met the owner of management fishing spot dot com and introduced many of the handling manufacturers. He is a great person who formed the skeleton of the current Fish Hook. From the dawn of pipe fishing, he has been creating websites and consulting for management fishing spots, creating the current number fishing tournament scheme, and has been widely disseminating the charm of pipe fishing. If you are looking for a managed fishing spot, go to “ Managed Fishing Spot Dot Com ”! !


This is a partner company that became the first manufacturer to handle Fish Hook. Mr. Izumi, the representative, is not only a bass pro, but also a multi-tasker such as lure builder and spatula fishing. The CEO of Fish Hook thinks that lures with a design that observes nature and thoroughly eliminates waste have reached a level that can be called works of art!

Halcyon System

A manufacturer located in Saitama, where Fish Hook is based. The order may change, but it was HAL who created the opportunity to make a deal with Hankle! Due to an appointment, HMKL was the first to do business with us, but Halcyon System was one of the first manufacturers to work with us! We will continue to work together with companies in the same Saitama area to make fishing even more "fun" and "exciting"!

Permanent number Be crew

For Fish Hook, the retired number is "Be crew". I can't find the words to describe how much my warm words and encouraging comments have been so reassuring to me since the beginning of my life, when I had a hard time when nobody cared about me. The first time I was able to do business with a fishing gear manufacturer. I was able to hear from a fishing gear wholesaler. One of the reasons why we decided to handle the apparel brand for an outdoor manufacturer was that Be crew followed us.

On my first business trip to Fish Hook, I felt that Be crew was there to cheer me on, not alone. Thanks to all of you for the fact and the miracle that we were able to open a fishing tackle shop "Fish Hook" without a shop.

I can't imagine if it will be a fishing spot someday... or if it will be a real event, but my dream is to have the most exciting and fun time with Be crew.

Just like the start of Fish Hook, I feel like this dream can come true with Be crew.

Now, let's walk together on the next story that will make your dreams come true!

March 18, 2023

Fish Hook Inc.

Founder / CEO Ryoji Takeda