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Varivas Super Trout Area Master Limited SVG (Nylon)

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High-dimensional nylon line exclusively for area trout.

What I wanted was thinner and stronger.


3lb (No. 0.5): DIA. 0.104mm winding number 150m

3.5lb (No. 0.6): DIA.0.128mm _ Number of turns 150m

◆ Product description

The original SVG manufacturing method has created the strongest and thinnest nylon line in its class. With delicate processing dedicated to area fishing that brings moderate tension, it achieves high balance performance that combines excellent castability and ease of handling at a high level. It is the highest peak nylon line to give to Meister, showing its true value in severe high pressure situations.

◆This is Takeda from Fish Hook!

With the advent of ester line, the game style of area trout has changed greatly, but I think that nylon line is also outstanding. The cushioning properties peculiar to the nylon line can also be a fact that reduces disparity in patterns with good activity. Especially when using a large crankbait, please try it! You should be surprised by the cushioning and the design with less initial stretch like Balibas... We recommend 3lb for beginners and children! 3.5lb is also recommended for fishing spots with large sizes! ! It is also a recommended point that there is a middle marking so that it can be used for 75m × 2 times with a 150m roll!