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Load image into Gallery viewer, Decoy Area Hook Type VII Front Single Hook
Load image into Gallery viewer, Decoy Area Hook Type VII Front Single Hook

Decoy Area Hook Type VII Front Single Hook

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A hook stands! Designed exclusively for the front hook.


#10 10 pieces

#12 10 pieces

◆ Product description

Analyzing the hooking mechanism in the vertical fishing method with the front hook set. The gap width is constant for all sizes, and only the length of the shank is different, so that the hook stands up in the cup when the front is set, and the gap width is the same for all sizes, so as to maintain the best point position to show the most ideal hook without slipping. And set to a slightly stronger wire diameter. It is a finish that can perfectly cover fishing with a PE line that takes a hit with the line and hangs it.

・Slightly smaller up-eye specification that keeps the point upward and minimizes clearance to reduce troubles.

・Slightly thick wire diameter that perfectly corresponds to PE line fishing.

- A straight point that sticks in at the same time as hanging awase.

NS black finish that maximizes wire hardness.

◆This is Takeda from Fish Hook!

It's no exaggeration to say that Babel Ace has revolutionized vertical fishing even in the popular Babel series of Rob Lure! ? Rob Lure's lash hook is also a good needle, but Decoy's front series is also very popular! Since the shaft length is thick, it is safe to interact with large objects. Fish Hook has started handling from #10 and #12, which are especially used in many scenes!