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Seaguar R18 Fluoro Limited

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Series highest class strength and flexibility. Quality that convinces professional anglers.


2.5lb: max strength 3.5lb

Reference number: 0.6

Number of turns: 100m

◆ Product description

From salt lure games, bass fishing to trout games, the best class strength and flexibility, excellent knot strength, abrasion resistance, and high sensitivity performance convince many anglers. We have a lineup from 1Test lb that is widely compatible with all lure genres.

◆This is Takeda from Fish Hook!

Seaguar Fluoro Limited is a favorite of experts and professional staff. With the high sensitivity performance unique to the Limited, you can also feel the delicate bite at the end of a long cast. You can adjust to the conditions of the day by using nylon separately, such as when you want to wind the spoon slightly submerged. Also, if you combine it with a soft rod such as UL class, you can tune the balance between feeding and sensitivity. Tackle setting is a total balance of line, hook, snap, etc. so please enjoy the combination! This is a line that I personally have a lot of confidence in! In the alpha version open, we handled a highly versatile 2.5lb!