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Load image into Gallery viewer, Office Eucalyptus Custom Cicada 3S
Load image into Gallery viewer, Office Eucalyptus Custom Cicada 3S

Office Eucalyptus Custom Cicada 3S

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A "super slow sinking" cicada customized by Office Yukari based on Tackle House's masterpiece! Extremely rare build-to-order model! !


Type: Floating

Length: 38mm

Weight: about 3g

Hook: VANFOOK BC-33F #6

◆ Product description

Original design only for eucalyptus!

Stable range capture is possible!

The action is set modestly compared to the F model!

So in a scene where the appeal is too strong, this is it!

This is Takeda from Fish Hook!

There are several models that have customized Tackle House's Cicada, but Office Yukari's custom model is a custom-made item that feels the Kodawari. First of all, the VANFOOK BC-33F #6, which has a hook sharpened from the standard VANFOOK S31BL #8 to the crank specification. Furthermore, the weight is about 3g (body only), which is about 0.6g lighter than the standard Cicada S (3.6g), which realizes super slow sinking. You will understand if you use it, but the flight distance will be considerable. Also, compared to the standard F model, the action is more modest, so I personally trust that it will catch fish even when it is a little rough. Also, as a trick, the sinking speed is slow, so you can cast it at pellet time and leave it alone, so try it!

Explanation of each color

Suama → Mandatory color transparent pink! Accent on the back

Butibura Red Glow → Red Glow on the tail! Invite a reaction part-time job!

Belly tea G → Transparent tea! Big game HIT achievement color!

Tancho → Black head, fluorescent pink accent from head to tail. Glow all over