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[SNS linked project] Details about the Hankul Photo Contest! !

In commemoration of the pre-opening of Fish Hook, we have prepared a plan that you can enjoy both at the fishing spot and at home at HMKL x Fish Hook!

*The application period has been extended from 4.19 to 4.30!

The content is a simple photo contest.

First, retweet the campaign tweet and follow the Fish Hook official account of the secretariat account.

Paint and tweet one of the three blank models to be sold specially, [ZAGGER 50 F1], [ZAGGER 50 F1 BONE], [ZAGGER 65 F1]. Or just take a photo and post it with the hashtag "#Hankle Photocon"! (You can apply for any of the target lures you have!)

Mr. Hankul and Fish Hook carefully selected the submitted entries, and prepared gifts for the winners! !

For the Hankle Paint Award and Photo Award, you can even get an autograph and a comment from legendary lure builder Mr. Izumi...!!!

Please feel free to apply! !

The application period is scheduled for 2023.3.20-4.30.

*We also provide information on Twitter!

All the Fish Hook staff

* All posts will be checked by the secretariat, so please be sure to post with a hashtag!

*Please follow Fish Hook's official Twitter account so that we can contact you about winning.

* Below are the application requirements for each award.