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【ブログ】Fish Hook プレイリスト一覧 (不定期更新)

[Blog] Fish Hook playlist list (updated irregularly)

List of Apple Music playlists released by Fish Hook Co., Ltd.

We will update if there are any additions.

* If you tap (or click) the jacket of each playlist, the Apple Music application will be launched.

①Fish Hook Playlist

Concept: A playlist selected by "Fish Hook", a fishing gear store without a shop. I fantasized about what it would be like if there was a Fish Hook shop, so I packed all the songs I wanted to play as background music for the shop☺️✨

②Fish Hook Valentine REMIX (Japanese music)

Concept: A Japanese music remix packed with songs you want to listen to on Valentine's Day, selected by Fish Hook, a fishing gear store without a shop ☺️✨ Imagine if there was a shop and played songs on Valentine's Day... It's a playlist packed with songs you want to play as background music at the shop🙌✨


Concept: A playlist commemorating the establishment of the fishing tackle store "Fish Hook" without a shop. I imagined if I could rent out a club in Shibuya for a party to commemorate the founding of the company...I packed all the songs I wanted to play☺️♪Enjoy the best CLUB MUSIC🤓✨

④B-BOY CEO_Fish Hook playlist

Concept: A remix of the Japanese HIPHOP scene from 2000 to 2010 that Fish Hook representative spent time🙌✨


Concept: A playlist that you want to listen to during your morning coffee time. It's a busy day, so please come along for a luxurious moment to relax a little ☺️✨

⑥The Beginning of Spring

Concept: hey siri...I'm suffering from hay fever, so get excited and play a spring-like song!

⑦The rookie's name is..

Concept: A playlist commemorating the pre-opening of Fish Hook 👏 We have compiled the best digital albums we have released so far + next-generation artists to watch! ! Together with the artists who open up a new era, I hope that Fish Hook will also aim for a new standard🙌✨

⑧It's ok to have a down day.

Concept: Packed with HIPHOP that was encouraged during the founding and management of Fish Hook. Life isn't all about good things, but if you can keep trying without getting discouraged, the scenery in front of you will surely change. However, in order to spend such days, I think it's okay to take a break once in a while or skip anything. That's why the theme is "It's okay to have days when you're depressed."

⑨I have a dream.

Concept: A playlist packed with hot songs like Fish Hook, such as the latest songs of Generation Z artists and big rappers🙌✨ (*As of June 10, 2020)

⑩Get a head start on summer.

Concept: The concept is ahead of summer! ! Sunny days in the rainy season feel good😎✨It's already summer above the thick clouds🏖️☀️This playlist is full of feelings of wanting to spend the best summer 🎵

We will continue to release playlists with the aim of creating encounters with pleasant music, so please look forward to it!