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[Blog] Japan's first! Introducing the products handled by the online fishing store business! ! (Part 2)

Fish Hook staff! !

This is the second part of the blog that introduces the manufacturers and products that will be the first online fishing tackle store in Japan to handle.

Please take a look at the lineup that was the result of negotiations with CEO Takeda who was in charge of the buyer!

KINTO bottle series

KINTO is a brand that continues to create daily life tools that value the harmony between usability and appearance. It was the first handling in Japan as a fishing tackle store! Featured drinkware that combines minimal design with robustness that can be used for a long time. Among them, the water bottle series has both a cute appearance and robustness, and is useful not only in the outdoor scene but also in the office.

The clear color is also cute, but I personally recommend the amber color! Water bottles are also great to use, but if you want to keep hot drinks warm and carry them around, or if you want to carry cold drinks in the summer, we recommend the KINTO TRAVEL TUMBLER!


At Fish Hook, we have prepared 350ml, which is easy to carry, and 500ml, which is a generous size! All of them are fashionable tumblers that can be taken out from the fishing spot to the mountain stream, the office, or as a companion for going out ^ ^! It's a structure that prevents ice and hot drinks from coming out like this tumbler, so it's perfect for carrying coffee! The KINTO series, which can be used stylishly in 2 ways in the city and outdoors, is sure to become even more popular in the future!


The product owner of VETLER was a former fishing gear store manager. Encounter is an apparel event. I was fascinated by the "NEWSPAPAER BAG" in the image that suddenly caught my eye. When I introduced myself and said, "I founded an EC fishing tackle shop!" )" When I heard about the launch of a new apparel brand, I heard that the manager of the fishing tackle shop (fisherman) has a brand concept that takes into consideration nature, and the affinity of the direction and way of thinking as Fish Hook. highly sexual. Let's work together if you notice! was decided on the spot. Lol Your personality is also very wonderful!

The business has grown tremendously since then! ! Pop-ups will be held at 8 NIKO AND stores on February 10, 2023! !

And from March 15, 2023, pop-up corners will be open at LOFT Umeda, Ginza, and Shibuya stores! !

Fish Hook is probably Japan's first fishing gear store or online store! ! As long as I'm personally happy that it's definitely going to be popular from now on! ! We also handle the popular news paper bags, pouches, and moleskin box tissue cases as a regular store, so we would appreciate it if you could purchase them together with the fishing gear! !

Fish Hook is a start-up company that has just started like VETLER. Of course, we handle popular products, but we would also like to actively cooperate with new manufacturers and brands that will lead the future of Japan and the industry, so please contact us! (There is an inquiry form on the company website.)

The alpha version will open on April 1st (Sat), but we plan to further power it up in the form of a grand opening from the end of April to the beginning of May. We would appreciate it if you could pay attention to the future Fish Hook!

Thank you very much for staying with us for a long time!

Everyone at Fish Hook