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[Blog] Japan's first! Introducing the products handled by the online fishing store business! ! (Part 1)

Fish Hook staff! !

Fish Hook will open from today. We would like to introduce the manufacturers and products that are the first in Japan to be handled by online fishing tackle stores.

Please take a look at the lineup that was the result of the desperate negotiations by the CEO who was in charge of the buyer!

Opinel's Knife

In 1890, Joseph Opinel invented the original folding knife, named Opinel after its creator. In 1897, it was developed in 12 different sizes from No.01 to No.12. In 1955, Joseph's son, Marcel, developed the 'Biroblock', which held the blade firmly in place while in use and in transit. Its groundbreaking features are still being used today.

In 1985, it was selected as one of the "Top 100 Most Beautiful Objects of the World" by the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, and is also included in the catalog of the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

◆Buyer charge comment

Opinel knives are loved by fashionable campers, climbers and adventurers. In France, the country of production, there seems to be a culture of giving Opinel knives to children who have reached a certain age. There is no blade in the hanging state, so it is assumed that you will need to sharpen it before using it. Cook French bread, fruits, and vegetables with sharpened knives. It's a wonderful story about learning how to live with nature. We think that there are many anglers with Fish Hook, so we have prepared No. 8 that is easy to handle and cook rainbow trout-sized fish. There is also an olive wood model that can only be displayed at regular stores and a super rare 2021 Tour de France model!

Shapton Whetstone (Ha no Kuromaku series)

We manufacture whetstones that are characterized by "quick sharpening", "immediate sharpening", "less wear", and "abundant types". Shapton is a company that develops and provides products with the aim of creating products and an environment where anyone can easily "blade".

Among our extensive lineup, the Kuromaku series of blades with a plastic case that can be used as a standard grinding stand for long-selling solid whetstones is the world's first whetstone that is color-coded by roughness. The easy-to-carry storage case can also be used as a whetstone. It can also be used as an oil stone.

◆Buyer charge comment

Fish Hook CEO's family home is a construction company. My grandfather was a master carpenter. I learned how to sharpen knives from my grandfather who raised many apprentices. Planes, chisels, kebiki, chopsticks, etc. Using a variety of tools and knives, wood is processed to create a single work. A sharp blade is essential for a professional carpenter. Maintenance of tools is essential for sawing with precision of millimeters or less. In the past, natural whetstones were used, but Shapton's Kuromaku series is a revolutionary whetstone that is as good as high-grade natural whetstones. Fish Hook handles #1000 and #2000, which are recommended for outdoor knives and household knives! We especially recommend #1000, which can be used for both rough and medium whetstones. #2000 is also recommended for those who eat sashimi raw.

* Top trout sashimi cooked by the CEO

It's the same principle as a fish hook, but if the knife edge is dull, it cuts through the cells of the fish meat, resulting in harshness and odor. On the other hand, a sharp blade can cut cells cleanly, so it looks and tastes better. This is the reason why the sushi chef's knife is so shiny!

③Boning expert

You can understand if you use it! You can't let go of it anymore.
A deboning master loved by sushi chefs and famous French chefs.

◆Buyer charge comment

A boning expert that can be seen at managed fishing grounds where large fish species are released. You can comfortably pull out the middle bone like a toothpick! Steelhead, Donaldson, F1, Yashio trout, top trout, surprise rock, silver cherry salmon... I'm glad that there are more managed fishing spots where you can enjoy large fish species ^^! Among those who take it home and cook it, there must be a lot of people who have a hard time removing the bones...The price is reasonable, but if you use it, you'll understand why! It can also be used for cooking regular-sized trout! !

The above is the first handling in Japan at an online fishing tackle shop ^ ^! ! All of them are wonderful products, so I can recommend them with confidence! Because I love it! (smile)

Thank you for reading! !