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[Column] Still in time? ! Father's Day Special 🙌✨

Father's Day this year is Sunday, June 18th! Have you prepared a present 👀?

I picked up items from Fish Hook that would please men who like fishing and the outdoors! ! How about a present for that person you love?

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①WEEKEND(ER) & Co. coruri series (micro wallet)

This is the coruri series of micro wallets from " WEEKEND(ER) & Co. ", which is steadily gaining popularity as a garage brand. The WOVEN series uses INVISTA's nylon fiber: CORDURA NYLON, making it a perfect item for outdoor use. Especially when it comes to fishing, you want to enjoy light clothing as much as possible. In addition, it is also recommended that the material is safe even in the sudden rain that is unique to this season!

For men who look good with adult hobbies...

Coruri's UKcotton series is recommended for those who like fly fishing and British cars. We use the standard cotton drill from BRISBANE MOSS, a long-established traditional fabric manufacturer founded in Yorkshire, England in 1858. It is a model that you can enjoy aging due to aging!

②Mt.Paulownia 60KEY (Rokumaruki)

This is the 60KEY from Mt.Paulownia, a garage outdoor brand that has received a lot of attention since it was reflected in the store. The material is cypress from Tama. A cute key chain with the owner's Land Cruiser 60 as a motif! Enjoy the scent of fragrant cypress ^ ^


A news paper bag from the new daily necessities brand "VETLER", which is also attracting a lot of attention as a fish hook. A large-capacity shoulder bag with a motif of a newspaper bag used by a boy delivering newspapers in the 1900s. Fish Hook's Crew (*Followers' nickname) is also getting more and more enthusiasts! It is a gem that is perfect for land and can be used for fishing and private use.

④SOTO field chucker (ST-450)

SOTO's field chucker (ST-450) is recommended for outdoor enthusiasts. Since it is an electronic ignition system (so-called lighter guy), there is no need to worry about burns. What makes it convenient is that the charcoal production at the time of barbecue becomes dramatically faster and easier. If you like bushcraft, it's fun to make a slow fire, but it's sure to be useful when you want to make a quick meal at group camps, families with small children, or solo camps. Also, at home, you can raise the level of cooking such as grilling sashimi and burning doria cheese. Personally, I recommend grilling Gyomu Super Yakitori as a finishing touch! It's the best because you can easily enjoy the atmosphere of an izakaya!

⑤ Hokuto Boning Master HSB-7S

If you are a catch-and-eat type, we highly recommend Hokuto's deboned master! The endorsement is that sushi chefs love it! Also, I heard that Kurohone Keiryu Fishing Co., Ltd., who went fishing with Crew the other day, said that he was "an indispensable existence" 👀! The bigger the fish, the more difficult it is to remove the bones, but please enjoy the pleasant feeling of being able to pull it out! It should be a one-of-a-kind item.

⑦Fish Hook New Era

This is a Fish Hook original new era that has been reflected in the online store and sold out within 24 hours. The product concept is "an item that fits in everyday life", and it is designed not only for fishing spots but also for outings and everyday use. There is no doubt that it will be useful in the coming season when the sunlight is strong!

Well, how was your first column? There are many other items that I would like to introduce! Lol lol We picked up recommended items that are easy to buy. If you have time, please dig the items in the Fish Hook. You may meet something good!

*For delivery by Father's Day, June 18th (Sunday), please place your order by June 14th.