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【ご報告】Fish Hook バージョン 1.0.3リリースの内容に関しまして

[Report] Regarding the release of Fish Hook version 1.0.3

Thank you very much for coming to Fish Hook, a fishing gear store without a shop!

We have made a minor update from version 1.0.2 launched on May 10th to 1.0.3. This time, we have received several requests for the display function of the shopping cart.

①Regarding the display function of the shopping cart

In the past, when you put an item into the cart, the cart slides from right to left. (see image below)

Also, when checking the items in the cart, it was possible to check by scrolling the blue frame part, but depending on the screen size of the smartphone, the display may be very small. It was a display format that made it difficult to understand the confirmation of the item.

◆Regarding display after minor update

In version 1.0.3, we have updated the specification to transition to the shopping cart display on the entire page when the "add to cart" action is performed. As a result, even when multiple products are added to the cart, the display will fill the screen of your smartphone, so "change number" and "delete product" can be operated with higher visibility.

In addition, once items are added to the cart, they will be recorded for a certain period of time, so they will not disappear even if you reload. If you want to continue shopping, you can "back" to add products in different colors and weights. In addition, it is also possible to move from the Fish Hook logo to the top page and add different products, or to narrow down and add products by selecting items from the menu bar on the upper right.

(Hereafter, image image)

I would like to carry out product development, updates, and BizDev so that I can continue to achieve a wonderful purchasing experience in the future. If you have any questions, please contact us via official SNS or form.

Thank you for your continued support!


Fish Hook Co., Ltd.

Representative Director and CEO Ryoji Takeda