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【ご報告】Fish Hook バージョン 1.0.2リリースの内容に関しまして

[Report] Regarding the release of Fish Hook version 1.0.2

Thank you very much for coming to Fish Hook, a fishing gear store without a shop!

We have updated from version 1.0.1 launched on April 19th to 1.0.2. This time, we have mainly improved usability and newly strengthened payment functions for the grand opening.

Including minor specification changes and updates to improve security will increase the number of words, so I will pick up and report on the changes that are easy to see.

①Regarding the specification change of cookie popup

We have changed the specifications of the cookie popup requested by Fish Hook followers and some purchasers. The same phenomenon was not observed on the tested terminal owned by Fish Hook, but the pop-up was displayed every time depending on the browsing application used and the security settings of the terminal. (Image: screenshot blue frame part)

Originally, it was set to be displayed when you logged in for the first time or after a certain period of time, but as the number of users of Fish Hook increased, the number of users from various terminals and browsers increased. I think it's a manifested phenomenon. On the management side, users' terminals, applications, settings, etc. are uncontrollable, so we have decided to summarize the handling of cookies in the privacy policy in the footer.

(2) Strengthen index function

We have strengthened the index function in anticipation of the increase in the number of items at the grand opening. In the past, we mainly focused on fishing gear, but Fish Hook makes outdoor life, including fishing, even more "fun" and "cool".

In order to realize the world view we are aiming for, and to not let the attractive items we handle get buried, we considered it an essential function and updated it. We hope you will enjoy the new items that will be added in the future!

(3) Cooperation with LINE Pay

Since the grand opening, we have collaborated with "LINE Pay" as a new payment method! If you pay with "LINE Pay" as well as PayPay payment, select shipping method → ​​proceed to payment → LINE Pay can be selected when selecting various payments! If you want to keep your expenses down because there are consecutive holidays, we recommend paying later! For your reference!

This concludes our introduction to the three major topics of this update.

Looking back in this way, you can see how Fish Hook has gradually evolved through the pre-opening on March 18th, the reopening on April 1st, and the grand opening on May 8th. and BizDev are doing their best! I feel proud. All the Fish Hook staff will work hard to improve usability and provide you with a wonderful shopping experience.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form.

Thank you for your continued support!


Fish Hook Co., Ltd.

Representative Director and CEO Ryoji Takeda