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【ご報告】Fish Hook バージョン 1.0.1 リリースの内容に関しまして

[Report] Regarding the release of Fish Hook version 1.0.1

Thank you very much for coming to Fish Hook, a fishing gear store without a shop!

The beta version was released on March 18th as a pre-opening, and after some modifications, the alpha version was reopened on April 1st. All the staff are very happy to have access and shopping that greatly exceeds expectations. Thank you again.

Under such circumstances, regarding the usability of the online store Fish Hook, although it is a very small number, there are some requests and indications, including improvements, and after discussing with the staff, they are "determined as necessary" and have a high priority. We have corrected and updated from. Including minor changes will increase the number of characters, so I will share the changes that are easy to see. This time, it is also an update implemented in anticipation of the " Grand Opening " scheduled in May.

① Regarding the number of products displayed on smartphones

This is the content that I wanted to convey to Fish Hook in the final question of Rodeo Craft's product questionnaire (free description), so I decided to correct it immediately after confirming with the staff. As for the contents, wouldn't it be easier to see if the number of products displayed was increased from 1 column to 3 to 4 columns? It was stating.

The image below shows the contents of the previous version 1.0.0. As you can see, it was a format where one product was displayed on the full screen of the smartphone.

* Ver.1.0.0 product display (SP)

In version 1.0.1, we adopted support from 1 column to 2 columns. In your request, there is a specific number of 3 to 4 columns, and we tried to verify it, but we were concerned that the product and characters would be too small and visibility would decrease, so we decided to change to 2 columns. The user base for Fish Hook is a wide range of people from their teens to their 60s, and we are trying to create a "universal design" that is as easy to use as possible for each age group. By all means, I felt that it would be better to convey the intention of the development side of Fish Hook, so I "dare" to describe the background of the above decision.

* Ver.1.0.1 Product Display (SP) Now displays in 2 rows (2 columns) as shown in the red frame!

At the same time, the number of lines when displaying products on the PC version has been increased from 2 to 3 to improve visibility. First of all, I would like to update it to a more user-friendly state while watching the specification change here.

② Regarding the improvement of the visibility of the PC version

Fish Hook's online store adopts a responsive design that optimizes the display according to each browsing terminal, such as PC, tablet, and smartphone, but more than 80% of access analysis from the beta version I am a smartphone user. Therefore, regarding the display of the PC version of Fish Hook, there is a background that we have developed with the aim of "minimum useable state" in consideration of limited resources. For that reason, although we had expected it, the most requested request was to improve the visibility and usability of the PC version. For example, arrival information can be postponed by clicking the dot (three horizontal bars) at the bottom of the product, but it is difficult to use in a specific PC environment. There was a voice.

* Ver.1.0.0 product display (PC)

Therefore, in version 1.0.1, we have changed the specifications so that the PC version can display arrows and postpone and return.

* Ver.1.0.1 product display (PC)

The part surrounded by the red frame is the relevant part. Similarly, by displaying arrows in the "category" and "Fish Hook Blog" areas, it is now possible to postpone and return! Please try pressing it.

(3) Enhanced filtering function

This is a request from Rodeo Craft's product questionnaire, and we have fixed the problem that all the selected manufacturer's products will be displayed when selecting the manufacturer using the filter from the item page. (Example: Select "Line" in the product category → Select "Varibus" in the filter → A phenomenon in which not only the company's product line but also hooks and all other items appear.) This is very valuable feedback, and the ground We discussed that it was essential for the opening, raised the priority, and repaired and implemented it.

* Ver.1.0.1 filtering function display example (SP)

Other minor fixes have been made. In addition, as a major premise, Fish Hook has the concept of "Future fishing tackle store created with anglers". For that reason, we use a lot of site designs, designs, mechanisms, etc. that are different from conventional shops. We also welcome those who point out.

As Fish Hook, the theme of fishing and the outdoors is " fun " and " cool ", so we believe it is virtually impossible to incorporate all opinions. Also, I feel a sense of crisis that incorporating all the opinions could destroy the world view of Fish Hook itself. Therefore, Fish Hook is in a healthy state to be an " eternal beta version " , which is a theme that software developers face throughout their lives. We defined it as a healthy " ideal state " to be able to change and modify specifications.

I know there are pros and cons. We appreciate your understanding. Also, if you have any concerns about using Fish Hook in the future, we would appreciate it if you could write them on the official Twitter account or in the request column of the questionnaire that we regularly conduct.

Above all, "Fish Hook" is a small online store that just started on April 1, 2023. Being 100% perfect from the start is simply not possible. On the other hand, it is miraculous that so many people have been involved in a fishing tackle store that has just started and has no shop, and we receive heartwarming words and encouragement on Twitter and SNS almost every day. I think.

With gratitude and respect to everyone involved in Fish Hook, I would like to say from the bottom of my heart, "Thank you very much!"


Fish Hook Co., Ltd.

Representative Director and CEO Ryoji Takeda