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Load image into Gallery viewer, Rodeo Craft RC Grasshopper
Load image into Gallery viewer, Rodeo Craft RC Grasshopper

Rodeo Craft RC Grasshopper

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An iron plate model tuned by Rodeo Craft from the masterpiece of the tackle house!


Type: slow floating

Length: 40mm

Weight: 2.4g

Hook: Honeycomb T hook #8 (front), Honeycomb T hook #6 (rear)

Ring: #1 + #0 (common to front and rear)

◆ Product description

Crankbait that you can go to tackle by yourself

The "RC Grasshopper" is a slow-floating model of Tacklehouse's masterpiece Grasshopper. It is unique in its high-speed deployment to target active fish that are a little lower, and it can also handle delicate bite fishing in dead throws. A versatile crankbait that can hit the target range directly for a short trip and can be hung.

This is Takeda from Fish Hook!

The RC grasshopper comes into play during the rainy season, sudden rain, or when the range of fish drops due to sunlight! It has a wide range of speeds, so please try to adjust it while observing the distance and speed after diving to any range. If you can adjust it, you'll definitely be in fishing mode! As a trick, I did a weight tune (slow sinking setting) and replaced it with a Sano needle. If you pass the nose of a big fish several times, it will become a big killer lure!